By participating in our signature SOIL fund you are “lending” by way of a charitable contribution. The contribution goes into our revolving fund, and Virginia Foodshed Capital takes care of the rest by making 0% loans to farmers who are in need of capital and are dedicated to using resilient, eco-friendly practices that produce healthy, nutritious food for our local communities. 

While charitable contributions may not traditionally be considered “lending” per se, we’re confident your contribution to our SOIL fund will produce valuable returns in the form of healthier soil and nutritious food for our communities in Virginia. PLUS, as a revolving loan fund your contribution will continue to give for years on-end as loans are repaid back into the fund.

Our SOIL fund is a grassroots effort! We hope as many people as possible will support our mission. Any size charitable contribution you can make to our SOIL revolving loan fund goes a long way toward helping us help the local foodshed with its financial needs.

Anyone can participate in our SOIL fund by making a contribution as low as $25. We also appreciate major gifts that can help us reach our long range goal of growing the fund to over $1 million. After starting our initial fund in Central Virginia, we now also have one in Tidewater and the Shenandoah Valley and expect to be throughout the entire state soon. As a supporter you can request that your contribution be earmarked for farms in one of those regions. Or if that is not overly important to you, then your contribution will be used to support our efforts in either of those regions or anywhere else in the state, which we greatly appreciate as we expand our footprint.