NYT: Farmers Don’t Need to Read the Science. We Are Living It.

August 9, 2019

Many farmers probably haven’t read the new report from the United Nations warning of threats to the global food supply from climate change and land misuse. But we don’t need to read the science — we’re living it…Read More

Yes Magazine: Real Wealth Resides Under Our Feet

April 23, 2019

In a healthy economy, money can be a useful tool, if we know how to manage it properly. We must always remember, however, that real value and the source of our well-being does not reside in the shells, pieces of metal, numbers on a slip of paper, or bits in a computer network. The value is in the gifts of the soil and the products of our labor…Read More

Civil eats: Ag Census - Female Farmers are Coming into Their Own

April 16, 2019

New data shows more than a third of all U.S. producers are women, and many are supporting each other through in-person connections…Read More

To Download the Complete 2017 Ag Census Click Here

Economic Returns to Farming for U.S. Farm Households

March 2019

This study by the USDA was actually published in August 2018 but is still a timely publication that sheds important light on the finances of U.S. farm households. Download Report Here.

Post Carbon Institute: The future is rural - Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification

February 19, 2019

The Future is Rural challenges the conventional wisdom about the future of food in our modern, globalized world. It is a much-needed reality check that explains why certain trends we take for granted–like the decline of rural areas and the dependence of farming and the food system on fossil fuels–are historical anomalies that will reverse over the coming decades…Read More

In Good Tilth Magazine: How Non-Profits Can Support Farm Viability

February 11, 2019

The support small farms get can make the difference between survival and demise. Institutions and nonprofits are moving in to help farmers build viable and resilient farms, as the philanthropic community has begun to appreciate the importance of small and midsize farms to the food system, the environment and rural communities… Read More

Civil Eats: A Green New Deal Must Include Food and Farming

January 30, 2019

Congressman Earl Blumenauer is calling for solid, lasting bonds between the climate justice movement and the movement to reform the food system…Read More

Civil Eats: The Ongoing Impact of Racism on the U.S. Farming Landscape

January 25, 2019

Despite some progress in diversity and racial justice in the U.S. as a whole, a professor argues that farming remains deeply segregated…Read More

The New York Times: The Farm Bill Ignores the Real Troubles of U.S. Agriculture

December 14, 2018

True farming reform means adjusting the system to support small and midsize producers and cultivating a more sustainable system of agriculture…Read More

Civil Eats: For a New Generation of Farmers, Accessing Land is the First Step Toward Tackling Consolidation

November 20, 2018

With the help of nonprofits and land trusts, young farmers are staking out the space to change the face of America’s farmland…Read More

New York Times opinion piece Featuring an interview with Wendell Berry

October 1, 2018

How we farm matters. For the past two centuries, America’s farms have expanded and homogenized, and farming equipment and chemicals have replaced personnel…Read More

Civil Eats: Is the Second Farm Crisis Upon Us

September 10, 2018

Joe Schroeder works as a farm advocate for Farm Aid, where he answers calls to the group’s farmer hotline. The calls, which are up 30 percent over last year, range from routine questions about navigating federal programs and exploring credit options to dire pleas for help from farmers who have run out of ways to keep their businesses solvent…Read More