Virginia Foodshed Capital is dedicated to catalyzing the flow of Nurture Capital throughout the state of Virginia.

The following values describe Nurture Capital, guiding our everyday work and long-term vision:

  • Equity and fairness - We believe everyone who wants to farm should have equal opportunity to capital, including people of color, women, immigrants, and beginning farmers. We strive to be transparent and truthful in all our actions.

  • Patience - Agriculture is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Often times things don’t go the way as planned. We strive to be flexible and understanding.

  • Risk Tolerance - The mainstream financial industry doesn’t like risk. Farming is risky. We share that risk with our farm and food enterprise partners.

  • Nimbleness - We appreciate that farmers are not always on their own timeline. Nurture Capital requires that we respond quickly to the needs of our borrowers.

  • Relationships - We value one-on-one, face-to-face interaction with our partner farms and businesses and believe it is essential to the lending process.

  • Environmental Stewardship - We believe farming and food production should promote more life than it takes away through regenerative organic practices. Farming can and should protect and heal the land, the environment, our waterways, and all life in the biosphere.

  • Commitment - We are committed to these outcomes:

    • Growing acres of organic, biological and eco-friendly agriculture under cultivation

    • Increasing employment on farms practicing organic agriculture 

    • Catalyzing new organically run farms

    • Improving access to land for young farmers, including farmers of color

    • Enabling organically run farmers to relinquish off-farm income to support themselves and their families